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When you are a KTM dealer rep, you know some things about KTMs. When you leave your bikes unattended at the Dirt Rider East Coast Ride Day, we borrow them and ride them. When they are really good, they end up in the magazine as a Dream Ride. Brooks Hamilton knows his KTM 250 SX-F and XCF and, with the help of Factory Connection, has the bikes working appreciably better than stock, especially for larger riders. At 6 feet 2 inches and 205 pounds, Hamilton runs a bit bigger than your target 250F pilot, but he claims he is riding faster on the little bikes, especially in the longer scrambles and enduros he likes riding. And after spending a fair amount of time on our stock KTM 250 SX-F back home, I could really appreciate the suspension setup. Ripping around the awesome Thunder Ridge Cycle Park MX track, deep in New York, an outdoor MX rider's paradise, the SX-F lost its tendency to transmit every bump's feel to the rider. Instead of seeming dancey, both the SX-F and XCF also felt more planted and stuck to the ground. The bikes weren't great feeling when riding to and from the track or when putting around, but once on the gas, they really worked. Since the rest of the bikes were mostly stock, save for handlebars and some E Line protection, they were focused and effective.The XCF benefited additionally from a stock SX-F muffler fitted to the standard SX/XC headpipe. Jetting on both bikes was stock from the SX-F, which is 175 main, 40 pilot, OBETP needle in the 5th position, and the leak jet was plugged off with the fuel screw set at two turns out.Hey, Brooks, see you next year! Bring some bikes.Factory Connection KTMs
Factory Connection:
Shock mod and labor: $175
Shock fluid: $15.95
PDS reservoir bladder kit: $129.95
PDS progressive shock spring: $129.95
Works "Team" preload ring set with bearing: $129.95
Fork mod and labor: $175
Fork oil $15.95
Fork springs: $99.95
Fork check valve spring set: $9.95
E-Line Accessories:
Carbon-fiber skid plate: $159.95
Carbon-fiber pipe guard: $99.95
Enduro Engineering: www.enduroeng.com
Hand guards: $55.95
Brush deflectors: $24.95
Rear disc guard with carrier: $94.95
KTM Hard Parts: See your dealer
Orange KTM by Renthal Fatbar: $83.99
RidePG.com: www.ridepg.com
SX graphics kit: $232.95

KTM 250 SX-F
KTM 250 XCFPirelli MT16 and MT18 tires on the XCF handle the New England rocks, ruts and mud.
The SX-F muffler on the XCF actually quiets the bike a bit and improves the power; the jetting didn't hurt, either.
You may know Factory Connection for its Showa and Kayaba work, but it knows WP as well. Its settings give the bike less bump feel and provides more rider confidence.
Protection comes the way of Enduro Engineering aluminum and E Line carbon fiber.