2007 KTM 250 XC-F-W - Dirt Rider Magazine

What I did to this bike should be illegal. It sat in the Unadilla GNCC pits all shiny and laden with every trick piece of KTM Hard Equipment bolt-on goodness you can imagine and custom ridePG.com graphics (with my friggin' name on them!). Then I raced it through two hours of the worst muck known to man. That is sort of how we are at DR.The 2007 KTM 250 XC-F-W is a rad machine. Electric start and a long gearbox make it ultraversatile. Add orange-anodized hard parts and you've got the best-looking machine in town.The Unadilla GNCC wasn't really a pleasant race, but as I torqued around on the KTM, I couldn't help but smile. This bike was a blast. It had plenty of power to crawl up the mud-rutted banks and tackle the historic MX track's elevation changes. A slight hiccup in the jetting (due to erratic weather patterns moving in) kept the bike from reaching its full potential, but it remained potent just the same. If I could have taken this bike home, I would have. Then I would have put a quieter exhaust system on it, cleaned up the jetting and parked it in my living room between rides because it's that darn pretty. Want your KTM to look this sweet? Check out www.dirtrider.com for all the parts and pieces that went into this beauty, plus more gorgeous photos (if you have a mud fetish).

The Unadilla GNCC wasn't nice to a shiny new bike.
The start-where the bike was still looking great...but not for long.
An oil filter cover is not necessary, but it looks cool.
These sweet billet clamps from KTM are still adjustable.
The sharkfin got a real workout in the mud ruts.
The KTM/FMF race exhaust performed well, but it is too loud for trails.
A skid plate is a great idea for any bike with a magnesium ignition cover.