Long Haul Update: 2011 Suzuki RM-Z250 - Dirt Rider Magazine

I have added some more hours on the engine meter of the Long Haul Suzuki RM-Z250 and the bike still looks pretty good. The 'Zook has been ridden hard and it is keeping up really well. I really have not been able to break any parts on the bike, except for the bottom swing arm chain guide and a small shock issue I had with my Enzo modified suspension, where it was not rebounding correctly (more on that in a minute). Other than that, nothing on the bike looks like it will be breaking any time soon. To date, I have really liked the 2011 Suzuki RM-Z. To be frank, each time I go ride, I have a blast and riding a 250F before has never been this fun for me. I have had the option to ride my buddy's 2011 YZ250F at the track, but I just don't want to stop riding the 2011 RM-Z250. Going back to the chain guide situation, I have always kept the chain adjusted but somehow the chain managed to saw through the rubber and metal of the chain guide. This also happened on a 2009 RM-Z450 I bought in 2010, I kept the chain properly adjusted at all times and it still sawed through the chain guide.

As to the Enzo modified suspension issue I had with the rear shock, due to some stock parts, the suspension overheated and malfunctioned. After a 30-minute moto, I thought I had gotten a rear flat tire, so I stopped and saw that the tire was ok, I kept riding and the shock would not follow its full stroke. When the shock was compressed from immediate impact, the shock would remain compressed and the rear would stay low, like if the sag was lowered to the max. After I pulled off the track and went to go rest, I took off my gloves, touched the shock canister and it was a lot hotter than normal to the point were it almost burned my fingers. I poured some cold water on it and let it cool down for my second moto. The first five laps of my second moto, the shock felt better but it still was malfunctioning, it felt like the shock was just working the spring only. The next day I took the suspension to Enzo and Kaz, one of the coolest dudes at Enzo, repaired it by replacing the shock piston with a 2009 piston because he said that the newer pistons were not as strong as the older 2009 pistons.

I put my suspension back on my bike a few days later and went to test it at Pala. At first, my suspension was a little stiff, so I backed out some clicks both front and rear resulting with a perfect setup. I was so happy with my bike setup; I did not want to get off the RM-Z. My day at Pala was great, I did two 30-minute motos and play rode the rest of the time. Concluding my time up to now on the 2011 RM-Z250, I can say that I have had one hell of a ride on this bike, so keep tuned for my next update!