Parts Unlimited Honda CRF450R - Dream Rides

When I rode the Parts Unlimited CRF450R at our East Coast Ride Day last fall, I was floored. Well, actually I was seated because as soon as I cracked the throttle, the Pro Circuit-tuned cylinder head sucked enough fuel and air into the cylinder to slam me about six inches deep into the seat foam. Then I blacked out for a second and woke up going about 60 mph. What just happened? This bike looked stock from the outside except for some bolt-ons here and there...hmmm.Well, when I got back to the truck after my first moto, I asked East-Coast Parts rep Ben Asaff what the secret was. He said the bike was built out of everything available to him through the Parts Unlimited catalog. And he started rattling off things: Pro Circuit head, race piston and exhaust; Hinson complete clutch kit; Twin Air Power Flow air filter kit; and on and on. "This thing could holeshot a National moto," I halfway joked."It did," someone said. "Southwick.""Oh," I said without taking off my helmet. "I think I'll ride it for photos now." The bike continued to impress and, honestly, was too fast for the fun and technical Thunder Ridge MX track we were on. I could have used the hills of Glen Helen or the sand at Southwick to really evaluate the bike. But I roosted around for our photographer for a good while before completely looping out in a corner and wadding it up big time! I felt terrible. The subframe was toast, and though I don't remember it happening (it happened so fast!), I apparently put on a good show. Look for the parts used on