Team USA Preps For ISDE At Navarra

Dry and rocky seems to be the forecast

US ISDE Team manager Antti Kallonen told Dirt Rider magazine that the American squad is ready to go.Photo By Shan Moore

US ISDE Team manager Antti Kallonen gave some indication of what participants can expect in next week’s ISDE, which will be held in the town of Navarra, near Rioja, Spain. According to Kallonen, the terrain will be dry with a few rocks thrown in for good measure. The American squad has spent the last two days walking the tests and US E2 rider Kailub Russell told Dirt Rider magazine that the tests will be fast.

“Most of the tests are set up in straw fields that have been tilled, which has brought a lot of softball-sized rocks to the surface, so it’s going to be really fast and kind of sketchy. Overall, it’s got a little bit of everything to keep you on your toes. Even though it’s dry, it’s not silty like it was in Argentina, but I can see it getting silty near the end of the week.”

US rider Taylor Robert noted that the terrain is similar to the World Enduro round in France that Robert just won, which is good news to the American riders.

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