Taylor Robert Moves Up At 92nd ISDE In France

No Drama on Day Four

Sometimes no news is good news and with the kind of luck the US Team riders have been having during the first three days of the ISDE in France, a quiet Day Four is a welcome sight. Today was overcast and cooler and started off with a little bit of rain, which made it tough for the riders on the first rows. Taylor Robert took over the lead in the E3 class despite having what he called “his worst day yet”. Frenchman Christophe Nambotin, who was leading the class, fell in a transfer section and injured his hand, dropping him off the pace.

Both Robert and Ryan Sipes finished in the top-10 for the day and each still has a chance at the overall individual award. Sipes is fourth in the E1 class after four days.

Despite suffering a crash on one of the tests, Layne Michael had his best day yet finishing 20th overall, and he and his teammates remain in third behind France and Italy at the end of four days.

“Just a little mistake cost me, but it is what it is,” said Michael. “Other than that one mistake I think I had a pretty good day.”

The US Women’s team sits in second behind Australia, making two US squads with a chance to land on the podium.

Ryan Sipes had one crash at the end of the day, but other than that he had a good day. “I feel like I rode better, other than that crash,” said Sipes. “I think I’m starting to figure out how these guys over here are riding the lines with the ruts, and I was able to change up my lines later in the race and pick up the pace a little.”Shan Moore
Kailub Russell had his best day yet and said he felt he was finally getting the hang of things near the end of the day. “It was mentally draining at the start of the day because I would feel like I was riding well and I would come in and look at the times and I was getting smoked,” said Russell. “In the second test I actually felt good and I caught the guy in front of me, but then I stalled my bike near the end of the test, so that was frustrating, even though I was pretty close to being on par. The third test was I think the slickest grass track I’ve ever ridden. Even some of the Club guys were finishing 20 seconds faster than even the best guys here just because they were on late rows. The last few tests I felt good and I charged and I felt really good on the bike. In the last test I put it all together and I felt really good about my times. So that is something to build on so I’m looking forward to tomorrow.”Shan Moore
Grant Baylor jumps up a big dirt mound in the “Moto” section today. The South Carolina rider has had a solid Six Days so far.Shan Moore
There was a lot of roadwork at this year’s ISDE, sending the riders through several small but picturesque villages.Shan Moore
Club rider Ty Tremaine crests a hill with a castle in the background. The scenery in this part of France is beautiful. Ty finished seventh today in the C2 class and sits sixth overall.Shan Moore
This is Becca Sheet’s first ISDE (as it is for the rest of the US Women’s team), and after a very stressful and physically demanding first day due to mechanical issues, Becca has come on strong the last few days and helped lead her team to a solid second in the overall team standings. “Today was good,” said Becca. “I wouldn’t say it was easier, but it went a lot better than the first three days. One more hard day and then I think Saturday’s motocross test will be an easy day.”Shan Moore
Brandi Richards was second in the first test behind Australia’s Tayla Jones, but she admitted that she had a few mistakes in the next few tests, though the KTM factory rider turned in a solid performance in the last three tests.Shan Moore
Frenchman Jeremy Tarroux has been killing it and he’s a big reason the French are leading the World Trophy division.Shan Moore