Taylor Robert Fuels With Kate’s Real Food


Victor, ID (April 28, 2015) – Kate's Real Food announced today that Taylor Robert, the Arizona-based Red Bull Moto Athlete and Factory FMF KTM OFF-Road Racer, will be fueling for success with the help of Kate's Real Food bars. Adding Robert to their family of ambassadors puts another outdoor play junkie on the team and ups their overall speed, considerably.

Robert, best known for competing in off-road’s toughest races against the world’s best, has a year-round schedule of racing, training and traveling—the perfect place for Kate’s Real Food fuel.

“I am really excited to be supporting a company that is truly passionate about off-road motorcycles,” Robert said.  “Kate’s Real Food Bars are convenient, they taste great, are healthy and organic. I use Kate’s bars for all kinds of different activities that make up my lifestyle and profession. From riding motorcycles and mountain bikes to pre-workout snacks or just to eat during a day at the lake—heck, I’ve even grabbed them while doing backyard balance training on the slackline. The point is I can fit them in my pocket or my hydration pack so I can have them on the go no matter what kind of training or activity I’m doing. Did I mention they’re delicious?”

Kate (yes, she does exist!) is very proud to have Taylor in the family.

“Taylor Robert is not only an inspiring rider, he also embodies the spirit of getting outdoors, having fun, and spreading that joy to others extremely well,” Kate said. “Kate’s Real Food and Taylor share this same stoke for outdoor play and hope to further promote it together!

Taylor Robert’s Career Highlights

2012 - WORCS Racing Champion

2012 – ISDE US World Trophy Team Member, Top American, 4th Place Team

2012 – AMA EnduroCross Championship – 3rd Place

2013 - ISDE US World Trophy Team Member, Top American, 2nd Place Team

2013 – X Games – Enduro X Munich, Germany – 1st Place

2014 – AMA EnduroCross Championship – 4th place

2014 – AMA EnduroCross Championship, Round #7 Everett, WA – 1st Place

About Kate’s Real Food:

Kate's Real Food supports the roots of their culture and beginnings: outdoor play and local organic farming. Founded to fuel Kate's Jackson Hole mountain pursuits,  and shaped by her involvement with a local organic CSA, Kate's Real Food bars fuel the body with organic ingredients and shout "adventure" in every bite. Still small batch made in the Tetons, the bars are crafted with care. Full of texture and flavors that would make anyone believe they are homemade; the taste is sure to get you addicted. For more information, to buy online, or to find a local retailer, visit