Celebrating its 19th year, Jeremy Albrecht, the manager of the highly successful JGR Race Team, held yet another Surfercross on July 8-9. If you aren’t aware of the event, it is a two day event that pairs up pro motocross riders with pro surfers, and moto industry guys with surf industry guys. The first day is the motocross portion, where the race consists of the partners having to exchange a wristband every lap before they can proceed. On the second day, surfing, the teams are paired up against other teams and the highest combined score of each team wins. The venue has changed a few times over the years; it has been held at the former StarWest, the new but short-lived Saddleback, and currently its home is MilestoneMX in Riverside, CA. Over years the event has seen the likes of James Stewart, Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig,Cooper Webb, Grant Langston, Wil Hahn, Josh Grant, Dean Wilson, Ivan Tedesco, Mike Brown, and that list goes on and on. On the surf side of things, World Champion several times over Sunny Garcia has never missed an event yet that I know of, as well as Nathan Fletcher, Rob Machado, and whole bunch of others have joined in!

The thing about Surfercross is that the athletes participating don’t get paid for it, and they aren’t required to do it by their sponsors. They come out because they want to. The only guaranteed freebie is lunch that is provided by long time sponsors Wienershnitzel and Wahoos. Jeremy Albrecht spends a lot of time organizing this event each year, and with help of Cameron Steele and Dan McGranahan handling the microphone duties, it is two days of fun in the sun. We also can’t forget without the help of companies such as FMF, Toyota, Oakley, KMC Wheels, and Husqvarna, Surfecross may not be able to continue each year. The event is always free for the fans so if you want to mix and mingle with some of the best, be sure to try and make it out next year!

Surfercross 2017Brown Dog Wilson
KMC Wheels is a big sponsor of the event.Brown Dog Wilson
RJ Wageman, pro rider and factory Suzuki tester.Brown Dog Wilson
Pro Rider Dakota TedderBrown Dog Wilson
Industry FinalsBrown Dog Wilson
Kenny Alexander of Fasthouse and one of his riders, Tyler BerremanBrown Dog Wilson
There was a lot of this going on from the riders!Brown Dog Wilson
Mike Brown is not what anybody would call a surfer.Brown Dog Wilson
Ivan Tedesco has style for days.Brown Dog Wilson
Jeremy Albrecht, Chad Tiempo, John Eric Burleson, Ryan Federow, Evan Gambetta, Ryan Corum, and Dusty Marvin.Brown Dog Wilson
Industry FinalsBrown Dog Wilson
Ivan Tedesco floated in to shake off a funny bone incident that left his arm numb.Brown Dog Wilson
Jeff Emig can barely stand on a wave, but he can stand on his head, go figure!Brown Dog Wilson
A track dog that could use some dental work.Brown Dog Wilson
Dirt Rider advertising guy John Simanovich.Brown Dog Wilson
Industry FinalsBrown Dog Wilson
The Industry Class startBrown Dog Wilson
The sponsor tents at Trail 6Brown Dog Wilson
Tyler Bereman sure can’t surf, but he did get a Silver at the X Games this year.Brown Dog Wilson
Surfercross 2017Brown Dog Wilson
RJ WajemanBrown Dog Wilson
Cowabunga!Brown Dog Wilson
Who else knew Destry Abbott is back and doing great!Brown Dog Wilson
Ivan Tedesco always looks goodBrown Dog Wilson
Matt Biscegalia the current RCH fill in rider came out to get some more seat time on his Suzuki.Brown Dog Wilson
FMF makes the best trophiesBrown Dog Wilson
And the Industry holeshot goes to……?Brown Dog Wilson
Sean Lipanovich did great in moto, not so much in the surfBrown Dog Wilson
And she rides too!Brown Dog Wilson
Industry FinalsBrown Dog Wilson
Tyler Bereman stood up just long enough to stay in the eventBrown Dog Wilson
We believe this is a called a Floater.Brown Dog Wilson
That would be Darren Durham laying an Alta electric bike very flat.Brown Dog Wilson
The Pro Moto/Surf top three teamsBrown Dog Wilson