Chad Reed Rides His 2004 Yamaha YZ250 Two-Stroke Again

CR22 aboard his title-winning two-stroke at the 2022 St. Louis Supercross.

Aside from Gared Steinke and other occasional privateer entries, we don’t hear the buzzing sound of 125 or 250 two-strokes in Monster Energy AMA Supercross anymore. That was not the case at the 2022 St. Louis Supercross, however, as Chad Reed brought out his 2004 Yamaha YZ250—the same bike he used to win the 2004 AMA Supercross Championship—and spun laps on it before the evening’s racing action got underway.

Chad Reed dusted off his 2004 Yamaha YZ250 and rode it during opening ceremonies at the 2022 St. Louis Supercross.BrownDogWilson

The Australian rode his iconic two-stroke during opening ceremonies inside The Dome at America’s Center, and at certain points was in close proximity to Monster Energy/Yamaha/Star Racing’s Eli Tomac, which served as a cool look at the differences between Yamaha’s factory bikes 18 years apart. Enjoy these photos of Reed’s premix-burning machine in the pits as well as him riding it on the track.

This is the bike Reed raced to win his first premier class AMA Supercross title in 2004.BrownDogWilson
It’s been a while since we’ve seen a steel-framed Japanese two-stroke with supercross dirt on it.BrownDogWilson
Who remembers these factory Yamaha graphics?BrownDogWilson
A throwback to when video game company THQ was the title sponsor of AMA Supercross.BrownDogWilson
Note the trick carbon fiber front brake line guide.BrownDogWilson
Raise it up for the crowd.BrownDogWilson
Everyone loves a nac-nac.BrownDogWilson
There’s just something about the sound of a crisp two-stroke hitting a set of whoops.BrownDogWilson
Lighting the candles. Will we see Reed ride his iconic YZ250 at more Monster Energy AMA Supercross rounds in the future? We sure hope so.BrownDogWilson