Best Dirt Bike Exhaust Plugs

Don’t let debris or water get into your exhaust system.

Don’t let unwanted water or debris get in your exhaust system. Keep it out with an exhaust plug.Andrew Oldar

Washing your dirt bike after a ride or having it parked in the busy pits provides plenty of opportunities for unwanted water, dirt, or debris to sneak its way into the exhaust system. When water, for example, enters the exhaust pipe, it can lead to corrosion, corrosion leads to degradation, and that degradation leads to a decrease in power, performance, and fuel economy. If water reaches the engine, it can cause severe damage to it as well. In order to avoid these mishaps, take the first step and plug it beforehand. These dirt bike exhaust plugs will help you get the upper hand against corrosion and other problems creeping into a dirt bike’s exhaust.

FMF Racing Wash Plug

The FMF Racing wash plug is 5.1 inches from end to end. Uncurl the flag for a friendly removal reminder.Amazon

With a tapered design an exhaust plug like the FMF Racing wash plug is built to fit many different exhaust widths. In order to keep the water out while you wash your dirt bike, insert the plug into your four-stroke’s muffler. After soaping and rinsing, don’t forget to take out the plug. A “Remove Before Flight” flag hangs from the end of the plug to remind you to remove the plug before the next ride. It is not compatible with a spark arrestor, so uninstall the arrestor prior to use.

Melife Exhaust Wash Plug

The Melife exhaust wash plug is made of silicone and comes in two sizes.Amazon

The Melife exhaust wash plug is another option to protect your exhaust from water and debris. Choose between either red or black or a combo in this two pack. “Remove Before Flight” streamers will come attached to either color combination you choose. Need a different diameter from the range of 0.6–1.5 inches? There is also a 1.07–1.85-inch diameter plug available that will accommodate different exhaust sizes.

ARJ PVC Exhaust Wash Plug

Two per pack, the ARJ PVC exhaust plug is an option for the budget conscious.Amazon

Red, black, or fluorescent yellow are color options to choose from with the ARJ PVC exhaust wash plug. This tapered plug also has a diameter that starts at 0.6 inch and goes all the way up to 1.5 inches making it suitable for a wide range of exhaust sizes. The high-temperature-resistant material will help seal the muffler from water attempting to cause trouble. Alternatively, you may find that you need to store your bike for the off-season, an exhaust plug can protect from corrosion and debris during the interim.