2022 Suzuki Motocross Bikes First Look

Suzuki’s 2022 motocrossers are the exact same as last year.

Suzuki’s flagship motocrosser last underwent a major overhaul in 2018. It featured very minor suspension updates the year after that and has not been changed since aside from the graphics.Suzuki

The last time the RM-Z450 received a major overhaul was in 2018. Since then the bike’s only mechanical updates came in 2019 in the form of a lighter-rate shock spring and different damping settings for the fork and shock.

Suzuki’s motocross models are the exact same as last year, even the graphics.Suzuki

The RM-Z250 has featured no mechanical changes since its last revamp in MY19. As for the RM85, it has not enjoyed performance revisions in several years.

The 2022 Suzuki RM85 retails for $4,399.Suzuki