2021 Kawasaki KLX300 First Look

Team Green’s new dual sport model for ’21

Replacing the outgoing KLX250 is Kawasaki’s new KLX300 dual sport model.Courtesy of Kawasaki

Just one year after unveiling the KLX300R off-road motorcycle, Kawasaki has introduced a new dual sport version of it for 2021 with the KLX300. Featuring a 6mm larger bore than the outgoing KLX250 model, the KLX300′s engine houses a flat-top piston with a compression ratio of 11.1:1, which is 0.1 more than the KLX250.

The KLX300’s engine features a 6mm larger bore and a slightly higher compression ratio than the former KLX250.Courtesy of Kawasaki

Although both bikes utilize a steel perimeter frame, the rake and trail are different, with the KLX300′s specs listed at 26.7 degrees and 4.2 inches versus the KLX250′s being 26.5 degrees and 4.1 inches. Some other differences are that the KLX300 is claimed to have a 0.2-inch taller seat, 0.4-inch less ground clearance, and 0.4-inch longer wheelbase. Also, while the KLX250 was said to be 304 pounds, Kawasaki claims to have shed 2 pounds off the KLX300 with its wet weight listed at 302 pounds.

The steel perimeter frame of the KLX300 has a different rake and trail than the KLX250. The new, higher-displacement machine is also said to weigh 2 pounds less than the outgoing model.Courtesy of Kawasaki

The 2021 Kawasaki KLX300 has a suggested retail price of $5,599 for the Lime Green color scheme and $5,799 for the Fragment Camo Gray colorway.

In addition to its traditional green color scheme, the KLX300 is also available in Fragment Camo Gray, which costs $200 more.Courtesy of Kawasaki