2018 Yamaha YZ65

Mean new mini-moto

2018 Yamaha YZ65
2018 Yamaha YZ65CRS

After years out of the mini-motocross arena (except for the perennial YZ85), Yamaha came back to the party for 2018 with this all-new YZ65. Rather than revolutionizing the “mini-mini” ranks with, say, a fuel-injected four-stroke, the boys in blue stuck with the bigger YZ85 formula of a liquid-cooled two-stroke, carbureted reed-valve single, which benefits from an exhaust power valve to broaden the power curve. Also like the YZ85, the new YZ65 has a steel frame rather than aluminum as found on many (but certainly not all) full-size MX bikes.

With wistful irony, some dads (and especially granddads) will note this little 65cc berm-burner has more suspension travel (8.5 inches front and 10.6 inches rear) than even the top-level motocross bikes of the older generation. And the suspension is adjustable too; compression and rebound damping can be fine-tuned on both the inverted fork and shock. Team Yamaha blue and white graphics, blue-anodized rims (14-inch front, 12-inch rear), and petal-style disc brakes at both ends complete the YZ65.

Likes: Fresh-sheet design, familial YZ styling, formidable mini-performance

Dislikes: Breaks no new ground technologically

Verdict: Yamaha gets after it in the mini ranks

2018 Yamaha YZ65 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,599

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