2018 Honda CBR300R/CBR500R

Superbike looks, subtle performance

2018 Honda CBR300R
2018 Honda CBR300RHonda

To attract budget-conscious young riders, Honda has doubled, tripled, and quadrupled down on its small-bike range in recent years. The mission includes the swoopy CBR300R which, to the untrained eye, may look more like a sizzling superbike than the genial scoot that it is. In partnership with the CB300F, CB300R, and Rebel 300, the CBR300R has a 286cc single embedded with civilized features like electric starting and fuel injection. Front and rear disc brakes and optional ABS (just a $300 add) give this pretty little lightweight bike claimed to weigh only 357 pounds full of gas extra appeal.

2018 Honda CBR500R
2018 Honda CBR500RHonda

The kindred CBR500R ups the ante with 65 percent more displacement (471cc), an additional cylinder (it’s a parallel twin), and way stronger performance. Following the CBR300R’s approach, other midsize Hondas share its fuel-injected powertrain, in this case the CB500F, CB500X, and Rebel 500. Simply put, this makes the 423-pound CBR500R by far Honda’s sportiest 500-class machine. Upgrades from the CBR300R include a more durable O-ring chain, larger fork tubes and brake discs (with ABS likewise optional), wider 17-inch tires, and a gallon more fuel capacity.

Likes: A pair of sensible options for new (or really casual) sportbike riders

Dislikes: The CBR300R engine is pretty busy at freeway speeds

Verdict: More proof that Honda's working hard for the next generation

2018 Honda CBR300R/CBR500R Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,699

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