2018 Honda CBR1000RR

Take a ride on the wild side.

2018 Honda CBR1000RRHonda

Like your extra-hot caramel macchiato with one, two, or three espresso shots? With Honda’s range-topping CBR1000RR, you can choose. The “base” CBR1000RR is the most affordable way to wrap yourself around the cosmic performance of Honda’s top DOHC, 998cc inline-four; after all, the engine output is a reported 189 hp and the bike’s curb weight is 430 pounds, just 12 more than the mild-mannered Rebel 500! (Also, the CBR1000RR has a way better weight-to-power ratio than your buddy’s $1.4 million LaFerrari.) The midpoint in Honda’s one-liter superbike range is the CBR1000RR ABS, which adds antilock brakes that are electronically actuated according to lean angle and rear-wheel lift.

Up top is the limited-availability CBR1000RR SP, which layers on the good stuff, including semi-active Öhlins electronically controlled suspension, a raspy titanium muffler, and a featherweight lithium-ion battery. While adding ABS to the base CBR1000RR model costs a reasonable $300, the SP trim tacks on $3,500—a 21 percent price bump. But to some, the Öhlins bits and 1980s-style red, white, and blue Grand Prix-esque paint will be reason enough to jump. We’d do it!

Likes: Linear and confident handling, ultra-smooth and powerful engine

Dislikes: Low clip-on handlebars grow tiresome in city traffic

Verdict: Outrageous performance with Honda sophistication

2018 Honda CBR1000RR Specs and Pricing

MSRP $16,499