2018 Honda CB650F

Way better than what dad had

2018 Honda CB650F
2018 Honda CB650FHonda

Motorcyclists old enough to remember Honda’s 1975 CB400F and CB550F Super Sport models will wake right up from their La-Z-Boy nap (okay, just kidding daddy-o!) instantly upon a close-range startup of the CB650F. While technically a way different animal than those fondly remembered classics, its soul remains precisely the same: a well-balanced standard bike powered by a 649cc inline-four with a particularly snaky 4-into-1 right-side-exiting exhaust system.

While the olden models had SOHC engines and five-speed transmissions, the new CB650F has a DOHC mill and a six-speed gearbox. And the performance is night-and-day, Jekyll-and-Hyde different. Although competent in their time, the original snaky-pipe Super Sports weren’t world-beaters in stock form, while the CB650F gets with it in a much more, well, ¡Ay, caramba! manner. Other reasons to go new are EFI, better conventional suspension, and triple disc brakes (with ABS optional for $500). And guess what? Both the 1975 CB550F and 2018 CB650F weigh a claimed 454 pounds wet. We told you they shared their souls.

Likes: Solid value and versatility with Honda's famous attention to detail

Dislikes: Conventional suspension is an obvious cost-saving ploy

Verdict: Respected 1970s mission reimagined via contemporary design and technology

2018 Honda CB650F Specs and Pricing

MSRP $8,249

Cycle World 2018 Honda CB650F Review