2018 Honda CB300F/CB500F

Naked kissing cousins.

2018 Honda CB300FHonda

Wow, that sounds kinky! In reality though, Honda’s familial CB300F and CB500F are emphatically normal, and that’s a good thing. Bereft of fancy bodywork and gewgaws, this lightweight pair delivers the same kind of practical, cost-effective transportation that fueled Honda’s global success during the postwar era. Like the Rebel 300, the CB300F is motivated by a 286cc, single-cylinder engine with contemporary features like dual overhead camshafts, four valves, electronic fuel injection, and liquid-cooling. The riding position and 348-pound curb weight are both easy to master.

As expected from its name, the related CB500F has a larger mill, in this case a 471cc parallel twin, likewise with EFI, four valves per cylinder, and liquid-cooling. Although retailing for a hefty 40 percent more, in truth the 414-pound CB500F provides its owner with much greater riding possibilities, up to and including swift freeway transit, light touring, and even trackdays. Both machines use 17-inch front and rear wheels, giving riders a wide choice of replacement rubber. As well, both are also available with antilock brakes.

Likes: Honda offers an accessory centerstand for the CB500F!

Dislikes: How about a windshield option?

Verdict: Two modern interpretations of Honda's historic value

2018 Honda CB300F/CB500F Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,349