2018 Honda CB1000R

Honda’s biggest, baddest naked bike

2018 Honda CB1000R
2018 Honda CB1000RHonda

Imagine a sumo wrestler naked. Okay, well, don’t then. The point is, the CB1000R is Honda’s ultimate expression of stripped-down, bare-naked, all-out street performance. Leave it to the company that adopted Grey Advertising’s “You meet the nicest people on a Honda” line in 1964, however, to define the CB1000R styling not as naked at all (that might offend!) but as “cutting-edge neo-sports café.” Alrighty then!

Like Henry Ford’s Model T one year, the CB1000R comes in your choice of black, black, or black, with just a See’s sampler’s worth of brightwork at the headlight rim, radiator shrouds, steering clamps, fuel-injector covers, engine- and footpeg-mounting plates, and writhing exhaust system. Being the ultimate aphrodisiac and all, power comes from a 998cc inline-four with big 44mm EFI throttle bodies twisting through a slipper-assist clutch; offering a light pull, the clutch hooks up strongly to send power rearward, while a built-in back-torque limiter helps maintain chassis stability during rapid downshifts. Up front is a Showa separate-function, big-piston fork and radial-mount four-piston brake calipers. Wheels and tires, naturally, are contemporary 17-inchers.

Likes: A refreshingly aggressive move from Honda

Dislikes: Black bike, black helmet, black jacket…snore. How about some color here?

Verdict: The CB1000R shouldn't be your first bike, but it might be your best bike ever

2018 Honda CB1000R Specs and Pricing

MSRP $12,999

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