2018 Ducati SuperSport

The “normal” Ducati sportbike

2018 Ducati SuperSport
2018 Ducati SuperSportCRS

Say you’re fascinated by the prospect of Ducati sportbike ownership but don’t want to spend as much as a house or strafe a straightaway at 186 mph. We say, consider the Supersport. Delivering a relatively modest, claimed 110 hp from its 937cc, liquid-cooled, Testastretta 11º V-twin, the Supersport also boasts a valve-clearance adjustment interval of 18,000 miles—quite long by Ducati standards. High-line features include traction control, ABS, bright LCD instrumentation, and a sporty windshield that quickly hand-adjusts up to 2 inches.

Priced 18 percent higher, the Supersport S adds a quickshifter, a premium adjustable Öhlins fork and shock (replacing the base Supersport’s Marzocchi fork and Sachs shock), and a different color scheme. While both models have a red steel trellis frame, the Supersport has red bodywork and black tri-Y wheels and the Supersport S has white bodywork with red wheels. At a glance, the Supersport and Supersport S are simpler versions of the stunning performers that define the Ducati brand. But they’re still Ducatis, and thereby offer identical soul and inspiration.

Likes: The essential Ducati supersport experience, minus the exotica

Dislikes: Appearance is downright tame compared to up-level Ducatis

Verdict: If you just want a Ducati, and not the Ducati, here it is

2018 Ducati SuperSport Specs and Pricing

MSRP $12,995