Spy Optics At The 2018 EnduroCross Ride Day Video

Cole Seely’s signature Omen goggle and the Slice Collection

Several companies were on hand at the 2018 EnduroCross Ride Day at MotoVentures in Anza, California. One—Spy Optic—recently released Cole Seely’s signature Omen MX goggle and we spoke with Spy’s Motorsports Marketing Manager Vicki Mitchell for the inside scoop on Seely’s new goggle and Slice Collection.

Seely’s Omen goggle has an eye-catching teal color and is embroidered with his signature 14 logos on the inside and outside of the strap. Seely really liked the colors he chose on the first version and didn’t want to venture too far from teal because of how well it matches his gear. Mitchell also briefed us on the new Slice Collection, which features three colorways in the Omen goggle and three more colors in the Woot Race, all of which are scheduled to be released on March 1.