Sponsor Me, Now! - Letter of the Week

Inside this Letter of the Week, Dylan M. needs sponsorship and we put him in the right direction.

Hey I'm emailing you about a sponsorship. I need a sponsor and back up for this year and years to come would you guys be willing to help me?

Dylan Morris
Via drmail@bonniercorp.com

Serious? Just like that? That is how you want to ask for a sponsorship? I am surprised you don't have tons of sponsors already with lines like that. Let me help you. Go check out this link and try some of these tips! http://www.dirtrider.com/features/how-to-get-sponsored

Good luck Dylan and more importantly have fun on your dirt bike! —Kris Keefer

Kris Keefer jumping Yamaha
Associate Editor Kris Keefer answers this Letter of the Week.DR Staff