This was only my second time shooting photos at the infamous "Wick338." Enjoy this photo gallery from the 2017 Southwick Motocross Nationals.

Cole Seeley looked strong finishing up in 6th.Brown Dog Wilson
It’s possible Justin Barcia ran out of gas because he is just on the throttle too much, just like a lead foot in a car.Brown Dog Wilson
A blown motor ended Heath Harrison’s second moto.Brown Dog Wilson
Star Racing’s Mitchell Harrison.Brown Dog Wilson
Troy Lee KTM’s Shane McElrath.Brown Dog Wilson
Jeremy Martin.Brown Dog Wilson
Marvin Musquin was pushing it a bit it looked like and it came back to bite him as he went down and hard and his bike was unable to finish.Brown Dog Wilson
We haven’t seen Shane McElrath up front as much as last year, but his day will come.Brown Dog Wilson
If it weren’t for a tip over Alex may have won the overall.Brown Dog Wilson
Chase Sexton continues to impress.Brown Dog Wilson
While of the guys were scrubbing this single, Zacho was launching off it into the sand rutted straight below.Brown Dog Wilson
Blake Baggett probably appreciated his teammate Dakota Alix for letting him use him as berm he could bounce off.Brown Dog Wilson
Josh Grant had some issues and was unable to finish the day.Brown Dog Wilson
Robby Marshall came out for his once a year race on a 250 stroke and was able to stay in the top 25.Brown Dog Wilson
Dean Wilson with his first 450 podium, ever!Brown Dog Wilson
I’m sure a lot of guys that keep beating Tomiki Toshida wonder why they can’t have his Factory Honda ride.Brown Dog Wilson
Eli Tomac puts more wear on his sprocket in one moto than most of us mortals do in a year!Brown Dog Wilson
250 Start.Brown Dog Wilson
And then the rains came!Brown Dog Wilson
Christian Craig kept it on two wheels and earned a 7th overall for his troubles.Brown Dog Wilson
Cooper Webb’s 3-6 kept him off the podium by one spot!Brown Dog Wilson