Sonic Tools TLD Signature Tool Box Review

Style and all all the tools you'll likely need

This article was originally featured in the September 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

Troy Lee Designs Signature Toolbox
Troy Lee Designs Signature ToolboxDirt Rider Staff

Over the years of riding, we accumulate, lose, buy again, break, loan out, and buy again all of the necessary tools to maintain our dirt machines. And while there are some trusty go-to tools in your garage that you will always love, if it's time to start over or just get a packed-to-the-gills track box, Sonic Tools makes a toolbox you might want to look at.

Sonic Tools is just beginning to get into the moto arena and started by sponsoring the TLD/KTM Supercross team. As a collaboration with Troy Lee Designs, Sonic has come up with a custom painted four-drawer, fully loaded toolbox. There are more than 80 tools in the box, and they are all dirt bike specific. Also, there are Torx drivers for you Husky and KTM guys and gals.

To test out the box I was working on one of our Long Haul Husqvarnas. Other than the quantity of tools included, what really stood out to me was that each drawer had labeled foam cutouts for each and every individual tool. The little OCD part of my brain was squealing in delight as I reached for each socket and wrench right where I knew it would be. I also liked the very dirt bike-specific tire gauge and safety wire pliers.

The tools seem to be of pretty high quality with some nice details you don’t find everywhere, like magnetic tips on the screw­drivers. I had nearly every wrench I could need except for a 32mm (the largest box wrench is a 27) but there is a 32mm socket with a large ratchet to get that rear axle nut off. The box itself is well constructed with smoothly operating drawers that lock when the lid is closed, which also locks with a key.

Troy Lee Designs Signature Toolbox
Sonic ToolsDirt Rider Staff

One thing—or multiple things—that’s missing: T-handles. But I do have to say that using the 1/4-inch ratchet with the very long extension worked just as good as, if not better than, a T-handle to get at all the standard 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm bolts around the Husky.

Obviously there are no specialty tools included, but this is a good toolbox for everyday dirt bike maintenance and modification. The price is very steep, but when you look at all the tools that come with it and how nicely they fit nestled into their little foam beds, it might be worth it to those meticulous mechanics out there.

PRICE 7/10 (844) 407-6642