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Another batch of motocross and off-road accoutrements.

Sidi Crossfire 3 SR Boot: $595

www.motonation.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Good boots are hard to make. Look at the amount of helmet and gear companies out there versus the amount of dedicated motocross/off-road footwear manufacturers. In that elite group of legit moto boots, Sidi has always been either at the top or near it, depending on who you ask. Their Crossfire 2 boot was the premier offering and was worn by all of their pro sponsored riders. Now, the Crossfire 3 has built on the 2 with only the straps and buckles being the same. A few testers have worn them on photo shoots but we have yet to put some good hard test days on them. The primary differences are, the ankle pivot now has a definite limit to the amount of extension and flexion, and the sole has been redesigned to be even more durable yet still replaceable at home.

Moto Stuff Pro Pegs Titanium Footpegs Mud Version: $268

www.motostuff.comPhoto By Kris Keefer

Sharp, strong, industructable teeth… Are we describing some sci-fi mecha-shark robot? Nope, we are looking at Moto Stuff’s Pro Pegs made from aerospace Ti-6AL-4V titanium. These are the mud version so the two inner rows of teeth are missing to promote the least amount of mud retention. Although this shouldn’t affect the strength of the peg since titanium is crazy strong, you do loose about 10 or so teeth compared to the standard version. But really, the aggressiveness of these teeth, no matter how many, shouldn’t be slacking in the grip department. Just get ready to give your boots some TLC after a weekend at the races.

Spy Optics Omen MX Spy + Cole Seely: $100

www.spyoptic.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

We were at the Spy Press Introduction of this goggle down in Laguna Beach, California before the Supercross season started. Cole was on hand to explain how the collaboration came about and for the full story, click here. Basically, Cole has been a long-time Spy Goggle Athlete and given the opportunity to design his own Omen colorway, he wanted to go with a dark look with a hint of color. Contrary to what he normally wears from Troy Lee Designs, he prefers the dark look. The Spy Omen goggle is a quality piece of eyewear. We've been wearing a pair with their "Happy Lens" for some time and we'll have a full test soon.

ARC BoltGuard: $29.95

www.arclevers.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

ARC as a brand isn’t the flashiest, most prominent, or most noticeable company in the industry, but ARC levers are on almost all of the top factory machines. This is because of the genius behind ARC, Bob Barnett. He is a super cool dude who is pretty much the engineer, designer, builder, and everything else at ARC. He sent us this BoltGuard to check out, which protects the banjo bolt at the font brake’s master cylinder. Now, we have never once had an issue, or a hint of an issue, with damage to our front brake master cylinder bolt, but before folding levers, no one thought they needed those either. We guess this falls under the “better safe than sorry” category of products.

Moose Ribbed Seat Covers: $59.95

www.mooseracing.comCourtesy Of Moose Racing

This kind of seat cover was originally designed to help with particularly muddy riding conditions but they have become so well received by many racers that they are standard equipment on a ton of pro-level supercross and motocross bikes. KTM rider Ryan Dungey runs one all the time, not this brand, mind you, but this style of seat. The rubberized material is super tacky and the ribs double up the grip on your behind. With such a grippy seat, pant size becomes more of an issue. These kinds of seat covers will grip your riding pants but if they are too big, you might slide right out of them. Maybe that’s why all the pros wear that skin tight stretchy gear…