Sidi Boots At The 2018 EnduroCross Ride Day Video

Getting the scoop on the Crossfire 3

The first annual EnduroCross Ride Day brought plenty of moto industry companies out to enjoy a day of riding at MotoVentures in Anza, California. We asked Sidi Marketing Coordinator Jamie Lilly to tell us about the Crossfire 3 boot, which was released at the end of 2017. One of the main differences from the Crossfire 2 is the new sole. It uses far fewer screws and therefore replacement is easier and less of a chore, and it is made of a different rubber compound designed to provide better grip.

The Crossfire 3 is also 2mm taller than the Crossfire 2 to decrease the chance of the boot catching on the radiator shrouds. The Crossfire 3 is available in six colorways and retails for $595 for the SR version, while the TA is priced at $545.