Shroud Damage Back-Up Plan

Be ready if your shroud bolt gets ripped out

This article was originally featured in the September 2017 print edition of Dirt Rider

Shroud aidShan Moore

Grant Baylor gave us a cool trail tip at the recent Cherokee National Enduro. A lot of riders use the rubber kickstand retainer off of a KTM to pull the nose of the shroud inward so it's not as vulnerable to catching on limbs or branches, but we noticed Grant's band was not attached to the frame.

He told us he keeps the rubber band unattached so that if he goes down or hits a tree and the collision rips the bolt holes out of the shroud, then he can use the rubber bands to hold the shrouds in place. You can see the metal “hook” he has fashioned on the frame to attach the rubber band to, and he just drills a hole in the shroud and runs the rubber band through it.