SHOT Race Gear Contact Raceway Combo – Product Of The Week

The European gear company SHOT RACE GEAR makes its way Stateside

SHOT RACE GEARPhoto By Sean Klinger

SHOT Race Gear Contact Raceway Combo – Product Of The Week

Jersey: $32.90

Pant: $99.90

Glove: $26.90

This week we got our hands on some SHOT Race Gear which has been around for 25 years in Europe, but is just starting to make its way to the United States. The US press launch was at LACR MX in Palmdale, California where we got a chance to spin some laps in these new threads.

If you are wondering where you’ve seen this gear before, think extreme enduro rider, like, one of the best… Yep, Graham Jarvis is a SHOT rider as are the Husqvarna MXGP Team riders. While SHOT has a full line of head-to-toe off-road gear, they are starting off small in the US to test the waters, as they say. The Contact Raceway design is there mid-level gear and they will also be bringing over the Devo Capture cut, which is their entry-level gear.

According to SHOT, they have the lightest gear at each price point, and while we didn’t have a scale out at the track, the gear does seem quite feathery. But, it has more of a classic construction than the “lightweight” gear that US gear brands offer. Meaning, where other brands’ lightweight gear forgoes a lot of the tougher materials, SHOT still uses Cordura in the rear of the pants and has some TPR patches.

We’ll be wearing both the Contact and the Devo gear sets for a full test so check the magazine for that in the next coming months.

Owner Ghislain Hout goes over some of the technical details of the jersey. He chuckles about how European riders prefer their neck braces inside the jersey where American rider prefer them outside. The neck of the Contact jersey is designed for both styles of riding.Photo By Sean Klinger
The Contact gear set is SHOT's mid-level gear. For 2017, they plan to bring over their top-level gear, as well.Photo By Sean Klinger
The full line of colorways for the Contact gear line. For a European brand, this gear is very American looking.Provided By SHOT RACE GEAR
The Devo line is SHOT's entry-level gear. It is priced at a competitive $25.90 for the jersey, $69.90 for the pant, and $19.90 for the glove.Provided By SHOT RACE GEAR
Ghislain Hout, SHOT RACE GEAR's Owner was on hand to both talk about the gear and throw down some hot laps.Photo By Sean Klinger
Jason "Hapa" McCune is SHOT's US liaison and he enjoyed roosting some of LARC's wet sand.Photo By Sean Klinger
Hapa is rocking the "neon yellow" Contact gear.Photo By Sean Klinger