Shoei Helmets At The 2018 EnduroCross Ride Day Video

Details on new VFX-EVO off-road helmet

Shoei Helmets was in attendance at the first annual EnduroCross Ride Day at MotoVentures in Anza, California, and had its new VFX-EVO off-road helmet on display. So we caught up with Marketing Coordinator Matthias Beier to gather some information about the new lid.

The VFX-EVO replaces the VFX-W, which was Shoei's flagship off-road helmet for nine years. The VFX-EVO has a new safety technology built into it called "MEDS," which stands for Motion Energy Distribution System. The MEDS system is designed to reduce rotational energy in the event of an impact, and during testing, Shoei found a 15 percent reduction in rotational forces compared to the VFX-W without compromising any of the safety performance either.

The VFX-EVO comes in four shell sizes for $539 for the base models, which are available in all black or all white, while the graphic helmets run between $719 and $739.