Seven More Dirt Products From AIM Expo

Here are a few more cool products from the last day of the show.

Seat Concepts
Seat Concepts Super Grip Seat Cover – Two of the four ISDE World Trophy Team members (who just won the event for the first time ever!) ran this seat at the historic competition. The ribs are grippy, but what really sets it apart is the rubberized side material with hexagonal grippers.Photo By Sean Klinger
IMS 4.5 gallon KTM Tank – IMS has been working hard to get an oversize tank option for the new KTM chassis that will be used on all KTM models in 2017. This is the biggest option. What is new for this style of tank is that it still uses the shroud plastics rather than eliminating them. Also, IMS makes sure that the tank is no wider than stock where your legs are so not to affect normal bike feel.Photo By Sean Klinger
IMS 4.5 gallon KTM TankPhoto By Sean Klinger
IMS Core Footpegs – Another new product from IMS is their core footpegs. Pictured is the “sharp” version that offers maximum grip on the bike, but will do a number on your boots. That’s why they also have a “standard” version that has the same teeth but they are blunted slightly.Photo By Sean Klinger
Monster Moto
Monster Moto – Who doesn’t like a good pit bike? These bikes are a far cry from a blinged-out CRF50F but starting at $399.99, these are pretty cool. The bike pictured is Monster Moto’s prototype 212 model that should be available early next year. There current model is a smaller 80 that has a pull-start lawn-mower style engine with a centrifugal clutch.Photo By Sean Klinger
Moto Hose
Moto Hose – Silicon hose kits definitely look cool but they also have performance benefits such as superior heat resistance and more strength. Moto Hose makes a kit for almost all current bikes and they are rapidly updating their inventory to match the new ’17s. They also have a good selection of hoses that will fit older models as well.Photo By Sean Klinger
Race Tech
Race Tech – Although they didn’t have one for us to shoot, the Race Tech SCS (Spring Conversion System) is a very popular option for riders struggling with the Showa TAC fork. We’ve used one on our KX450F with very positive results.Photo By Sean Klinger
CP Carrillo
CP Carrillo Rods and Pistons – These high-quality rods and pistons have been around for a long time and they also supply quite a few of the top supercross and motocross teams. Since they are in located in the same city as our HQ, we’ll be popping in for a factory tour soon, so keep an eye out for that.Photo By Sean Klinger