Scorpion VX-34 Sprint Helmet - Product Of The Week

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This week we are taking a quick look Scorpion’s VX-34 Sprint helmet. This lid is their entry level helmet, but surprisingly, it shares a lot of features with the VX-R70, their premium helmet offering.

The main difference, other than the price, between 34 and the R70 is the shell material. The VX-34 has a polycarbonate shell isn’t as light at the TCT (Thermodynamic Composite Technology) used in the R70.

Other features include a pump system that inflates under the cheek pads to create a better fit. Honestly, we thought that this was just a gimmick until we tested a Scorpion helmet and really liked the way the inflation system worked. Rather than just pushing in the cheek pads like we though it would do, when you pump up the air bladders, they give a more “wrap-around-fit” feel. This is probably because the bladders are pretty low in the chin bar and push in more from the bottom than just right across the face.

Lastly, there are a few cool additions that set this helmet apart. The visor is a shatter resistant and has a ton of flexibility so you shouldn’t have to buy a new one after a little tip over. The EPS foam has two densities and the fabric inside is a KwickWick anti-microbial liner.

After we put some time in the VX-34 we'll see how it compares to other helmets and to the VX-R70, which we really liked. A full test will be in the pages of Dirt Rider soon.