Ryan Sipes Takes Big Buck Win

Husqvarna rider victorious at Big Buck Full Gas Sprint Enduro

Ryan Sipes’ win was a return to action in the Full Gas Sprint Enduro series since he missed the previous round to be introduced as a member of the Puerto Rico Motocross of Nations team during last month’s Unadilla National Motocross.Darrin Chapman

Rockstar Energy/Leatt/Maxxis Husqvarna’s Ryan Sipes won seven tests (six cross tests and one enduro test) en route to the overall win at the Big Buck Sprint Enduro in Union, South Carolina. Sipes won Sunday’s event by 14 seconds over Tely Energy Racing’s Grant Baylor, with KR4/Husqvarna’s Layne Michael, Tely Energy Racing’s Steward Baylor, and Rockstar Energy Husqvarna’s Josh Strang rounding out the top five in a close formation.

On Monday, Steward Baylor would get the win, followed by Michael, Grant Baylor, Sipes, and SRT Racing Husqvarna’s Evan Smith, however the times were so close that Sipes still managed to take the overall win ahead of Grant.

“Overall, it was a good weekend,” Sipes said. “I was able to get in some time in the woods this week and I felt really good in the enduro tests this weekend. Even in the enduro tests I didn’t win, I was pretty close to the leader and I felt like I was riding better than I have in the past for the woods.”v

Grant Baylor started slow but came on strong to take second overall. The Tely Energy KTM rider won one of the enduro tests en route to the runner-up slot.Darrin Chapman
Layne Michael has turned in some pretty impressive performances in 2018. His third-place finish at the Big Buck marked the KR4/Husqvarna rider’s second podium in a row.Darrin Chapman
Steward Baylor won four tests over the course of the weekend (all enduro tests) and won Sunday’s event outright, en route to fourth overall.Darrin Chapman
Beta USA’s Jordan Ashburn has consistently finished around the top five in this year’s series. At the Big Buck the Tennessee rider was sixth.Darrin Chapman
SRT Racing Husqvarna’s Evan Smith hops over a log during the enduro test as he heads to a fifth overall finish. Saturday’s race started off in the dust, but a surprise thunderstorm after the fourth test left the course slippery and wet.Darrin Chapman
Liam Draper was the top finishing Pro2 rider in eighth overall on his KR4 Husqvarna.Darrin Chapman
AirGroup/Enduro Engineering Husqvarna’s Logan Lowrey came away with 11th overall.Darrin Chapman
Josh Strang came into the Big Buck with two wins under his belt, however the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna rider could not get settled into a groove and finished seventh.Darrin Chapman
KR4/Husqvarna’s Tayla Jones won the Women’s Pro division by nearly two minutes over Bonanza Plumbing/Trail Jesters KTM rider Mackenzie Tricker. Jones won every test except for one, and Tricker won that one.Darrin Chapman

2018 South Carolina Sprint Enduro Results

Position Rider Brand
1 Ryan Sipes Husqvarna
2 Grant Baylor KTM
3 Layne Michael Husqvarna
4 Steward Baylor KTM
5 Evan Smith Husqvarna
6 Jordan Ashburn Beta
7 Josh Strang Husqvarna
8 Liam Draper Husqvarna
9 Craig DeLong Husqvarna
10 Braxton McGee Husqvarna

2018 Pro Class Championship Point Standings

Position Rider Brand Points
1 Steward Baylor KTM 310
2 Josh Strang Husqvarna 308 |  
3 Ryan Sipes Husqvarna 290
4 Grant Baylor KTM 277
5 Layne Michael Husqvarna 262
6 Jordan Ashburn Beta 220
7 Evan Smith Husqvarna 219
8 Mike Witkowski Beta 128
9 Craig DeLong Husqvarna 49
10 Thad Duvall Husqvarna 41