Ryan Dungey Rides Again!

Red Bull honors The Dunge with a secret cornfield track

There is no doubt that Ryan Dungey is an icon in the sport of motocross and supercross racing. Yet he differs than some of the past multi-time champions in that he isn't necessarily showy, flashy, boisterous, or full of himself. He has shown, and continues to show with this video, that "Even if you're a simple kid from a small town in Minnesota, just like me, if you dream big, work hard, and believe in yourself, big things can come your way."

This video shows that the champ hasn’t been slackin’ too much since his retirement—his speed and style are incredible as always. It is also pretty cool to see motocross and agriculture come together in such a poignant way, since both played pivotal roles in Dungey’s past and current success. While it might be a pipe dream to hope Ryan will get back on a bike and go racing again, we are even more interested in seeing Dungey transition into some other role in our industry. With his dedication and work ethic, there is nothing he couldn’t do.

Corn and motocrossRed Bull
Ryan Dungey claims to not be the most gifted rider, just that he put faith in working hard and expecting results.Red Bull
Dungey is an inspiration to all kids dreaming of someday racing on a supercross track.Red Bull
Dedication and hard workRed Bull
We look forward to what’s next for Ryan Dungey.Red Bull