Russell Bobbitt Has Successful Back Surgery

Russell BobbittPhoto by Shan Moore

It’s just part of the game for racers to ride through injuries, but Russell Bobbitt has been dealing with a ruptured disc in his back since the Wyoming round of the Kenda AMA National Enduro Series way back in June. The final race in Indiana two weeks ago was the final straw and the FMF/KTM rider went in on October 20th to get his back fixed.

“I started having sciatic pain and limited mobility in my leg after Wyoming and I was getting away with massage and therapy for the new few races but it kind of gradually got worse,” said Bobbitt. “I think the continued abuse and no rest just kind of aggravated it. For the final race, I got two epidermal shots the week before the just to get some relief; it was actually a selective nerve block, just to get through that race, but it was.”

Bobbitt managed to hold on and finish out the year third overall in the final series standings, is already looking forward to 2016.

“The surgery went well, it was my L5 that was ruptured and they did what is called Lumbar laminectomy surgery,” added Bobbitt. “It was only an inch-long incision and it was an out-patient procedure and I’m already more comfortable than I was before the procedure.”

As far as when he’ll get back on a bike, Bobbitt says he has a follow-up in six weeks and he’s certain he’ll be ready for the opening round of the national enduro series on February 7th.