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Rottweiler Quick Flip Mirror Mounts with CRG Arrow Mirror

$229.95 ($39.95 mounts only, $199.95 for mounts w/ CRG Hindsight Mirrors)

Inside this edition of Product of the Week, Coach Seiji reviews the quick flip mirror and mounts with CRG Arrow mirrors from Rottweiler Peformance.

The stock rear view mirrors on most ADV bikes functionally leave much to be desired. They generally use tall stalks to give you the view of what’s behind you without having to look down too far, which becomes a problem once you hit a trail as they become prime targets for tree branches and such. The stalk also magnifies vibrations and the damage that occurs in any get off or encounter with a trail obstacle. Aftermarket companies have addressed these issues with folding mirrors using several methods of attachment, but again, the tall position creates problems.

Rottweiler Performance took a different approach altogether. They sacrificed the mounted height in exchange to try and improve all other functional areas. Their Quick Flip mirror mounts are CNC aluminum anodized bits that attach to the lateral inside surface of handguards via two 17/4 stainless 6mm button heads. They provide standard 7/8” diameter mounts for bar end mirrors. The quality of materials and construction are top notch and evident to me as soon as I examined the adapters, hardware, and laser etched logo. Installation requires drilling two very straight holes in the handguard and a template is provided for the stock KTM adventure bike hand guards.

The kit I used also came with CRG brand “Arrow” model mirrors. The bodies are anodized billet aluminum and the mirrors are of extremely high optic quality. They are slightly convex, giving the “fish eye” type of image and they rest on a ball mount.

After spending a calm 45 minutes mounting the Quick Flip/Arrow kit to my KTM Adventure 990, I first hit some dirt country roads with the mirrors in the most outward, wide position of the four usable positions. At speed and in the rough, the tight ball mounts and ball detents of the CRG Arrow mirror didn’t budge. Compared to stock, they also didn’t shake nearly as much since there isn’t a stalk to magnify the amplitude of the vibrations.

I ventured out onto the highway and was honestly being cautious at first. I kept the mirrors in the most outward position (they sit wider than the bars) with the widest viewing angle. I started passing cars and yes, I did have to make a conscious effort of looking down and out, but the convex mirror made up for the smaller size of the mirror as far as coverage area. I couldn’t see any more detail with the stock mirrors either due to vibrations, so to me, what I lost in clarity due to size I gained in smaller amplitude vibrations. After the first half hour, I didn’t have to consciously remind myself to look down and out, it became natural, and my concerns about use evaporated.

I turned back on to some rougher dirt roads to head home and I moved the mirrors to the most inward, least wide angle position. This is done by moving the mirror into the narrowest position via the ball detent and then rotating the mirror itself 180 degrees to the narrower viewing angle. In this position, the body of the mirror is well inside the end of the bar and the mirror sits right above the hands. This positions the mirror out of harm’s way (tree branches and actual cars if you’re a brave lane splitter). In this position, my viewing field narrowed but would still be useful to check on a riding buddy behind me on the trail or to check on my tail bag or saddlebag.

I have been using the Rottweiler Quick Flip Mirror mounts with the CRG Arrow mirrors for months now in rain, shine and some pretty torrential flooding in Texas. They absolutely do what they are intended to do and have shown no signs of wear. I don't miss the high mounted mirrors at all. These are definitely a step up in quality and function compared to stockers. One complaint for me with this kit is the price, the quality and functional gains to do not come cheap so if you are looking for a bargain, best to look elsewhere. —Seiji Ishii

Rated 83
Installation: 15/20|
Function: 45/50
Durability: 8/10
Design: 9/10
Price: 6/10|
Contact: (949) 412-1971