Robert Leads E3 After Five Days At ISDE In France

Sipes third in E1

Taylor Robert and Ryan Sipes are still battling for the individual overall award after five days of racing at the International Six Days Enduro in Brive, France. Robert is also currently leading the E3 class and has an excellent chance of winning division, while Sipes sits third in the E1 class. Kailub Russell had his best day so far with a sixth in the E2 class for the day, despite having to change a radiator after getting too close to a wooden course marker in one of the tests.

The US Junior Trophy Team remains in third position and all three riders had good days. Grant Baylor finished 15th in the E2 division despite dislocating his right shoulder in a test. The South Carolina rider was able to pop it back into place by himself and continue the race, which is amazing. Layne Michael had another great day, finishing 10th in the E1 class, while Josh Toth was 14th.

The US Women’s team had the fastest combined time of the day ahead of the leading Australian team and all three riders – Kacy Martinez, Brandi Richards and Becca Sheets – had fast and consistent days. Despite the fact that this is each of the girl’s first Six Days, they are improving with each day and getting faster.

Tomorrow is the final motocross test, and at least 20 motos are expected to go off, counting all the Club classes.

Ryan Sipes sits third in the E1 class. “I was top three in a couple of tests and sixth overall for the day in the individual standings,” said Sipes. “The only test I didn’t ride well in was the final test and it was down right scary. I almost crashed a couple of times. It was rough as a cob and I just didn’t execute like I wanted to. You needed to be either on the inside or the outside and for some reason I always found myself in the middle.”Shan Moore
“Today started off terrible, I was like seven or eight seconds off the pace, which I can’t afford to do if I want to win the overall,” said Robert. “I’m still third in the overall and first in the E3 class but now it’s kind of up to fate because I’m not even racing against those guys tomorrow, because they’re in different motos. So all I can do is go out there and give it my all.”Shan Moore
“There’s a test out there we call it the “really slick grass track test”, and yesterday I had to replace two radiator shrouds,” said Russell. “Well, today I hit a stake and it put a hole in my radiator. It’s one of those things where you’re trying to stay as close to the inside as possible and I just caught the stake. After the test, I just took off and passed everybody to make sure I had time to swap it out in the work area.”Shan Moore
Competitors transfer through the small village of Uzerche to get to a Cross Test.Shan Moore
Kacy Martinez finished fifth for the day in the Women’s division. “It was good to finish off on a high note,” said Martinez. “I really enjoyed the day and I really felt strong all day. I just wish I had started off the week like this.”Shan Moore
US Women’s Trophy Team rider Becca Sheets drops down a set of very steep stone steps during the transfer in the village of Uzerche.Shan Moore
US Junior Team rider Grant Baylor passes a roadside cafe during part of the transfer heading to the second cross test. Later in the day he dislocated his shoulder. “I don’t know what happened; I was just going around a corner and my shoulder just pulled right out of the socket,” said Baylor. “After that I pulled over to the side of the trail – it was in a special test – and luckily I was able to put it back in place by myself. After the test I found the team doctor and got all taped up and I think it ended up being my best day of the week, except for that test.”Shan Moore
US Junior Team member Layne Michael has had a good Six Days. Here he does some routine maintenance during the final work period before impound. “I had some ups and downs but overall it was a good day and we made it through healthy,” said Michael.Shan Moore
Patrik Markvart, of the Czech Republic World Trophy Team rails a berm during the “Moto” test on Day Five.Shan Moore
Josh Toth puts on fresh rubber at the end of the day before impounding his bike for one last time.Shan Moore