Riding Technique For EnduroCross - Tripling The Matrix

Off-road riding tips from Cody Webb

This article was originally published in the January 2018 issue of Dirt Rider.

One of the most difficult obstacles on an EnduroCross track is the matrix. The matrix is a series of logs unevenly spaced in a row, and every EnduroCross racer has got been caught up in and/or crashed in the matrix at some point or another in their career. The matrix can be likened to a Supercross rhythm section in the way that riders can jump their way through it using one log to launch off of and another to land on. One rider who has mastered the matrix, and every other obstacle on an EnduroCross track for that matter, is FMF KTM Red Bull Racing’s Cody Webb. Webb’s list of credentials, just to name a few, are three-time AMA EnduroCross champion, 2010 AMA MotoTrials National Champion, and 2018 SuperEnduro World Champion. We paid a visit to Webb’s private EnduroCross track in Northern California to pick his brain about how to jump through the matrix, or in this particular case, triple through it.

Step 1: To clear all three logs I just hit the first one a lot harder. I'm preloading and keeping the power on a little longer.Jeff Allen
Step 2: If you go slower into it you need to give it more gas and you get more pop and you shoot out kinda high, which wastes time. If you come in a little faster you can just use the speed of the bike and just plow into it; it's not very fun but it takes less time.Jeff Allen
Step 3: After I hit it I lean back and the natural motion of hitting the log with my rear tire drives the front end down in the air; that's why you take off leaning back.Jeff Allen
Step 4: My legs are open a little bit to be able to react quicker.Jeff Allen
Step 5: Notice I'm landing my front tire right on top or on the back side of that last log?Jeff Allen
Step 6: That's so the rear tire basically cases and slows me down for the next log. My knees are bent and I'm prepping for impact right now. If I was landing to flat I would just jump out farther, but there's another log after this.Jeff Allen

Tip: It's tricky to stay straight in this Matrix because it's all rutted in the dirt between the logs. At races, they use real trees so there's a lot of knots and bumps that stick out, so I just try and avoid hitting those with my tire… As for [hitting] the bark or slick log under the bark, I know in the stadiums it doesn't look like any line is better than the other from the seats, but sections of the log will be smaller that you hit or have less undercut; or maybe there will be just like a hair more dirt on one side or the other, so I'll hit the greasy spot if I need to just stay lower or be able to have a smoother hit on the log.