Ride Engineering Redesigns Honda Triple Clamps For 2017 CRF450R & X Models

Better handling and more comfort for the 2017 models

Ride Engineering is bringing out new updated triple clamps for the 2017 Honda CRF450 and X models for better handling and comfort.Photo Courtesy of Ride Engineering

Ride Engineering has redesigned triple clamps for the 2017 Honda CRF450R and X models.

These new CRF triple clamps have been updated with added flex on the bottom clamp, revised steering stops, a larger profile top clamp, for better handling, and revised bar positions for more comfort. Made from 2024AL (same alloy used by Factory Teams), this strong, elastic material keeps them compliant with the suspension and chassis. They are available in three different offsets, 20mm, 21mm, and 22mm. This gives the rider the option for stock handling or customized handling by putting more or less weight on the front wheel (depending on year and model). Furthermore, our triple clamps incorporate rubber mounting by using the stock rubber cones, or by using the Ride Engineering hard (red) or soft (yellow) Polyurethane Cones to help tune the amount of feedback that comes from the handlebars. Add the One Piece Anti-twist Bar Mount to keep the bars straight in the event of a minor crash. Triple Clamps save 3oz, bar mounts weight the same as stock.

Applications: 2013-2017 CRF450R; 2017 CRF450X; 2014-2017 CRF250R.

A closer look at the upper clamp from Ride Engineering.Photo Courtesy of Ride Engineering
A peak at the lower clamp of Ride Engineering's latest triple clamp for 2017 Honda models.Photo Courtesy of Ride Engineering
Ride Engineering Products and Pricing:
Product: Part Number(s): Price:
22mm Offset Clamps Red: CR-BTB23-RA; Black: CR-BTB23-BA $549.90
21mm Offset Clamps Red: CR-BTB14-RA; Black: CR-BTB14-BA $549.90
20mm Offset Clamps Red: CR-BTB03-RA; Black: CR-BTB14-03 $549.90
Anti-Twist Bar Mount Silver: MX-BBM00-CA $104.95
Poly Cones Red: CR-PC000-KT; Yellow: PC00Y-KT $24.95

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