RevLimiter Extreme Enduro 2017 | PHOTOS

For the first time in the state's history, AMA extreme enduro racing came to Texas. The Rev Limiter State Championship was held at Rocky Ridge Ranch with all proceeds benefiting the MS Association of America. Event Promoter Mark Koch, Texas resident and veteran enduro racer began marking the 7.5-mile rocky course mid-summer 2016. “We really wanted to bring extreme enduro to Texas and add another quality event for the sport” Mark told us.

Frigid temperatures along with constant precipitation on the rocky hillsides created a perfect storm for the competitors all weekend, the Rev Limiter championship did not disappoint in creating a worthy race course. $10,000 Pro purse money lured in pros such as Jordan Ashburn and Mitch Carvolth, who battled it out all day Sunday on a very wet and treacherous course. In the end it was Ashburn on the top step of the podium, Carvolth in 2nd and Quinn Wentzel in 3rd.

Red Bull was on hand to support the event with their “BIG T” audio truck. The event was sponsored by; Kenda Tires, Freedom Powersports, SRT Offload team, NTX Offload and Teva Pharmaceuticals.Photo by Jacob Souder
Dale Rector aboard a YZ250 Finished 5th overall in the Amateur Harescramble.Photo by Jacob Souder
Even modest hillclimbs proved challenging with the precipitation. This section of the course was giving the Harescramble competitors trouble all day.Photo by Jacob Souder
A few brief GNCC-style open fields along the course provided a break from the extreme hill climbs. Zach Carter (pictured) won second overall of the Amateur Harescramble.Photo by Jacob Souder
With race team headquarters only a few hours away, factory team Beta was out in support of team racer Jordan Ashburn.Photo by Jacob Souder
Brock French took 3rd overall in the Harescramble Saturday morning.Photo by Jacob Souder
A racer makes easy work of an obstacle.Photo by Jacob Souder
On Saturday, bystanders were allowed to assisted. Racers were on there own for the Pro race Sunday.Photo by Jacob Souder
Quinn Wentzel set the bar in the first lap of the the Pro enduro race 1. Ashburn impressively shaved 20 minutes off of that time on the second lap for a first moto win.Photo by Jacob Souder
A section known as “Root Canal” looked like a scene from a war movie most of the pro moto 1. The large, wet flat rocks created an impossible surface that left most racers teaming up and helping each other rather than competing.Photo by Jacob Souder
“Dirty dogs”. The untrained observer might perceive the constant physical struggle and the occasional use of foul language as an unpleasant experience. It was quite the contrary though as most of the racers were wearing big smiles under the helmet.Photo by Jacob Souder
Factory Beta team racer Jordan Ashburn was aces all weekend; taking home first place and $3500.00Photo by Jacob Souder