RedBud Motocross Photo Gallery 2015

Justin Barcia celebrated the Fourth of July by claiming his second win in a row this weekend at the RedBud National Motocross in Buchanan, Michigan, the rider going 2-1 to top series points leader Ryan Dungey. In the 250 class, Jeremy Martin took advantage of a crash late in moto two to take a 1-1 sweep of the race and move into the 250MX points lead. It was an eventful weekend and photographer Rob Koy was on hand to document the action.

The stars and stripes July 4th theme was well represented at RedBud by many teams.Photo by Rob Koy
The 250 Moto 1 start coming right at you. Joey Savagty with the holeshot.Photo by Rob Koy
Justin Barcia looks very comfortable on his JGR Yamaha.Photo by Rob Koy
Justin Barcia lead Moto 2 from start to finish to take the overall victory at RedBud.Photo by Rob Koy
Ryan Dungey gets past Barcia in the roller section in Moto 1.Photo by Rob Koy
Cooper Webb gave up the lead with 2 laps to go with this fall. Christian Craig and Jeremy Martin battled through the whoops for first place with Martin winning Moto.Photo by Rob Koy
Jeremy Martin goes 1-1 at RedBud.Photo by Rob Koy
Victory high five with the fans at RedBud.Photo by Rob Koy
Christian Craig was pumped with his 3rd place in Moto 2. He also signsed A deal with Factory Connection Geico Honda for 2016.Photo by Rob Koy
Cooper Webb celebrates his 3rd overall victory with the RedBud fans.Photo by Rob Koy
450 Moto 2 start, Justin Barcia getting the holeshot.Photo by Rob Koy
Justin getting the vital information on Ben’s pitboard.Photo by Rob Koy
Many line choices at RedBud.Photo by Rob Koy
Some were scrubbing this double while others were jumping it.Photo by Rob Koy
Ryan Dungey putting in another lap at RedBud.Photo by Rob Koy
Justin Barcia, the American Flag,RedBud fans and July 4th.Photo by Rob Koy
Picking the right line at RedBud is always a most.Photo by Rob Koy
Finally got to see Martin and Webb Battle on the track at RedBud.Photo by Rob Koy
Christophe Pourcel doing a textbook scrub.Photo by Rob Koy
RedBud fans go crazy at the podium.Photo by Rob Koy
RedBud all decked out in red white and blue.Photo by Rob Koy
July 4th is well represented by many teams at RedBud.Photo by Rob Koy
Only a handful of 250 riders attempted LaRocco’s Leap.Photo by Rob Koy
Martin brothers hanging out before practice.Photo by Rob Koy
Justin Barcia’s mechanic Ben Schiemeyer setting the rear holeshot device before a practice start. Must be working!Photo by Rob Koy