Red Bull Straight Rhythm Track 2016 Revealed

The red and blue arrows go head-to-head in an animated preview of the 2016 Red Bull Straight Rhythm race track.

The third edition of the most unique race in motocross is set to return to the Pomona Fairplex on Oct. 22. Red Bull Straight Rhythm 2016 will take place under the lights for the first time in its existence and that’s not the only first in store for fans. For the first time in history an electric motocross bike will compete at the professional level. While no one knows whether or not the bike will prove to be competitive, one thing is for sure — the 2016 track will provide epic battles across the board.

With 74 features packed through the half-mile track, riders will experience nearly every Supercross-style obstacle known to man. It kicks off with an elevated "drop-in" start that will drop riders into the first set of jumps on the track. After jumping their way through the first section, riders encounter the first of three speed checks on the track. While keeping rhythm is an obvious factor in terms of winning the event, the speed checks are an equal part of the equation.

Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin and Josh Hansen, will return to race in the Open class, alongside newcomer Trey Canard. In the Lites class South African Kerim Fitz-Gerald will face off against Shane McElrath, Dakota Alix and Josh Hill, who will try his luck aboard an Alta Motors electric motorcycle. The one and only Ronnie Mac will make his Straight Rhythm debut as he's set to square off against Trevor Piranha.

Open class
Ryan Dungey, Marvin Musquin, Trey Canard, Josh Hansen, Jeff Alessi, Nico Izzi, Austin Politelli, Darryn Durham, Deven Raper, Tevin Tapia, Kyle Chisholm, Nick Schmidt, Vince Friese, Axell Hodges, Dustin Pipes, Gregg Duffy

Lites class
Shane McElrath, Jordon Smith, Mitchell Oldenberg, Dakota Alix, Kerim Fitz-Gerald, Josh Hill, Colton Aeck, Ben LaMay
Pala Raceway Qualifier – Jon Jon Ames
Riverfront MX Park Qualifier - Dare DeMartile

Special Exhibition Race
Ronnie Mac vs. Trevor Piranha