Red Bull Straight Rhythm is back October 21

Depending On Your Age, You'll Love Or Hate This Promo Video

Take a trip down memory lane (depending on your age) with this ridiculous send-up of 1980s era commercials. Make it past the poor VHS tracking and the “laser panther” and learn about Red Bull Straight Rhythm, a head-to-head race that will feature dirt bikes from the past (two-stroke) the present (four-stroke) and the future (electric). It all goes down on October 21, so hop in your DeLorean, fire up the Flux Capacitor to 1.21 gigawatts and we’ll see you there.

It’s official! The sounds and smells of the ‘90s are back with the Ken Roczen Two-Stroke Shootout at Red Bull Straight Rhythm. This eight-man bracketed competition will be exclusively for bikes with two-stroke engines, and will be hosted by Ken Roczen (who unfortunately won’t race as he is still recuperating). The two-stroke competitors will race head-to-head on October 21 on a half-mile rhythm track with no turns at Fairplex in Pomona, CA. In addition to this popular “two-smokers” class, the event will once again contain a Lites Class (250cc and below) and an Open Class (greater that 250cc). Stay tuned for official rider announcements in the near future (you maybe have gotten some hints already).