Blazusiak Attempts To Race Stark Varg in FIM SuperEnduro

Six-time champ is denied opportunity to compete on electric dirt bike.

Taddy Blazusiak signed with Stark Future in 2023 to help develop its Varg electric dirt bike and race it in enduro competition. The six-time FIM SuperEnduro world champion and five-time AMA EnduroCross champion put in a couple days of testing on the Varg prior to round 1 of the 2024 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, where he was slated to compete.

After arriving in Liévin, France, Stark Future racing director Sébastien Tortelli was informed by the FIM that the rules had been changed and electric motorcycles were banned from racing. Tortelli and coworkers headed to Arena Stade Couvert to discuss the matter with FIM officials, but the decision had been made. Although Blazusiak wasn’t allowed to compete, he was able to ride the track on his own and participate in opening ceremonies on race day.

Watch the video above to see how it all unfolded for the Polish racer and the enthusiastic team behind him.