Quick Tip: How To Load A Dirt Bike

In this video, we show you a number of ways that you can get your motorcycle loaded.

Loading a dirt bike into a truck, van, or trailer is something that we all have to deal with at some point (unless you're lucky enough to live within riding distance of your practice spot, or you have a license plate on your machine!) Just like there are many ways to peel a potato, so too are there many different methods that you can use to get your bike into your rig, but most of them involve a ramp and a little bit of technique. In this video, we show you a number of ways that you can get your machine loaded: first, there's the "no stand" method, which—as you can see—can be accomplished by anyone, regardless of size, so long as the proper technique is followed. There's also the method of using a bike stand, which can serve as a step but can also be tricky if the stand isn't flat or stable; care must be taken using any of these methods, but the step-to-the-stand method is probably where the most mid-loading mishaps occur. Finally, you can just use another ramp to walk the bike up into the bed. This method works great for big bikes or tiny riders, but there's still some technique involved. However you choose to do it, loading your bike doesn't have to be difficult, and with a little practice you can definitely fine-tune your methods so that it works best for your size, the size of your truck, and the weight of your machine.