Quick Tip: Emergency Bolt Replacement

We show you what to do when you're in an emergency need of a bolt that's missing on a crucial part of your motorcycle.

There are a lot of bolts on your bike and sometimes one goes missing, whether it is because that it wasn’t properly torqued or because it broke. Some bolts are more vital than others and certain redundant bolts can be scrounged in emergency situations. For example, if you loose your clutch lever bolt you can’t operate the clutch and therefor can’t ride properly. But, on most bikes, the bolts securing your front fender match pretty closely to the one holding on a clutch lever. Since there are typically four front fender bolts, removing one won’t be as detrimental as not having a clutch lever. But remember, this tip is for emergency situations only – just to get you back to your truck/camp or to let you finish a race. As soon as possible, replace any and all missing bolts before your next ride.