Progressive Suspension 465 Series Shock with RAP – Product Of The Week

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Progressive Suspension 465 Series Shock with RAP


Adventure riding covers a wide range of terrain and involves a wide range of skill levels. If a rider is more capable off-road then his or her current motorcycle, the 465 Series Shock from Progressive Suspension might be just the ticket. This direct replacement shock fits midsize adventure bikes (the one sitting in our office is for a Kawasaki KLR650) and some touring and sport bikes. For the full range of fitment go to

First of all, the stock shock on a KLR is set up way more for comfort than performance. When pushed off-road, the shock blows through and has an unpleasant marshmallowy feel. This is why PS put a stiffer spring on the 465. According to them, the stiffer spring helps with hold up and performance.

Secondly, the main feature of the 465 Shock is the RAP, which stands for Remote Adjustable Preload. This is the black knob on the end of the steel-braided line that is mounted in an easily accessible location. The benefit of this system is that you can, with the turn of a knob, adjust your preload. The proper way to use this shock is to set the sag for you and what is normally on your bike. Then, when you ride two-up, you can quickly add a turn or two. Then, when you ride two-up with a bunch of gear you can add even more preload. But then, when you get to a campsite or motel, you can ditch your passenger and luggage, take out all that preload and go for a more serious off-road ride without dealing with the traditional sag adjustment.

We haven’t mounted this to our KLR because… we don’t have one anymore. Kawasaki came a-knocking and our 650 had to go home. But, when another adventure bike comes our way we might be able to slap this baby on there and put it through its paces.