Pro Taper Micro Handlebar Kit - Product of the Week

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This week Pro Taper introduced the latest innovation for youth motocross riders, the Micro Handlebar Kit and it’s this week’s Product of the Week. The idea was brought about by brand manager Paul Perebijnos. After the product was developed Pro Taper mini riders Casey Cochran and Sam Garroutte Jr. helped the R&D team with testing. The handlebar was designed to help riders with smaller hands to get a better grip on the controls and reduce fatigue.

The overall handlebar size has not changed from its 7/8" diameter, but the grip section is reduced from the standard 22mm to 17mm, making it easier for small hands to hold on. The handlebar is made from their proprietary 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy, offered in five different bends and has a crossbar made from cold forged aluminum. A soft, synthetic rubber compound in 1/3 waffle pattern make the micro grips. The stock throttle tube will not fit with the Pro Taper micro bars, so a kit is needed in your initial purchase of the Micro bars. Inside the kit, you will find a two-piece aluminum throttle tube with seven different cams. The Micro bar works on most 85cc or smaller mini motocross bikes.

The complete handlebar kit will run you $149.99. Micro handlebar kit parts will be available individually if replacement is needed. It will cost you $69.99 for handlebars, $69.99 for a throttle kit, and $10.99 for grips if purchased separately. Sam Jr.'s father says installation is "simple and easy to do." We're excited for our mini test riders give the handlebar a try so keep an eye out for a full test in the pages of Dirt Rider soon.

Exaggerated grip size to show adults what a kid feels when riding with standard, adult sized 22mm bar.