Pro Riding Tip—Super-Tight Trails With Russell Bobbitt

2019 AMA National Enduro Series round one winner gives us his advice on how to ride tight terrain

Russell Bobbitt stands up and keeps his feet on the pegs as much as possible when riding super-tight trails, and especially in corners.Shan Moore

The AMA National Enduro Series is known for its single-track trail and tight woods racing, which is somewhat of a contrast to the wide-open trails of the Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series. Naturally, to excel in national enduro competition, one must be proficient at navigating super-tight trails. We spoke to one of the best in the business, Gnarly Routes KTM's Russell Bobbitt, who offered us a few tips.

“For me, I try to ride standing up and keeping my feet on the pegs as much as possible, especially when cornering,” Bobbitt said. “Even in the turns where I sit down, I try to keep both feet on the pegs. This allows me to keep pressure on the pegs, which keeps the rear wheel driving.

A relaxed stance with knees flexed is the best way to handle tight woods, which allows the bike to move between your knees.Shan Moore

“Another important thing to remember is to try to be as smooth as possible and to maintain forward momentum, even in the tightest areas,” Bobbitt continued. “If you are on and off the brakes a lot, then you are going to have a herky-jerky motion, and you will lose time.

Bobbitt advises to try to be as smooth as possible and avoid any herky-jerky braking.Shan Moore

“You want to have a relaxed stance and a bit of flex in your knees when you are standing,” Bobbitt offered. “You also want to allow the bike to move around between your knees. This helps you react to sudden obstacles you might encounter. If you have a tight and rigid stance, you are more likely to be thrown off line if you hit a rock or a hole you didn’t see coming.”