Pro Circuit Introduces 2016-2017 YZ250X Exhaust

Pipes and silencers for the ultimate Yamaha Off-Road Machine

Pro Circuit is committed to providing customers the best two-stroke exhaust products. For more than 35 years, they've built championship winning two-stroke pipes and silencers for nearly all makes and models. Their newest Works and Platinum pipes, 304 silencer and Type 296 Spark Arrestor for the '16-17 YZ250X offer significant performance and horsepower gains across the entire RPM range. Bolt on a championship winning Pro Circuit pipe and silencer and be prepared to smoke your competition.

Pro Circuit pipes, silencers, yamaha yz250x 2016-2017
To check out the pipes, silencers, and other products by Pro Circuit, click here.Photo Courtesy of Pro Circuit
Part Number and Pricin—Pro Circuit Yamaha YZ250X 2016-2017 Exhaust
Item Number Description Price
PY05250 Works Pipe, YZ250X 2016-2017 $249.95
PY05250P Platinum Pipe, YZ250X 2016-2017 $249.95
SY03250-SE 304 Silencer, YZ250X 2016-2017 $134.95
SY03250-296 296 Spark Arrestor, YZ250X 2016-2017 $159.95