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A crisp new batch of garden-fresh products for moto and off-road goodness.

Pro Circuit KX250F Air Boot: $600

Pro Circuit Air Boot
www.procircuit.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

There moto is that they sell what they race and you can turn the extra green in your wallet into this Air Boot for your green bike. According to the guys over at PC, no matter what they did to the engine and which exhaust they ran, they were still looking for extra power at the very upper end of the rev range. After extensive testing the came up with this special air boot that does just that. Its intake shape and more direct airflow gave the bikes that extra bit of top-end performance and it is available to you. If you a baulking at the price, it is because PC uses a “soft tooling method” rather than investing tens of thousands of dollars in hard tooling. It is more cost effective (relatively) because air boot design can change from model year to model year.

Fasst Company Impact Moto Peg: $259.99

Fasst Co. Impact Moto Peg
www.fasstco.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Fasst Company really wants to make sure your ride is comfortable, because the more comfortable you are, the more you ride, and the more you ride, the happier the world is. Known for the Flexx Handlebar, Fasst has introduced a similar technology for the opposite end of your body, the Impact Moto Peg. Using an elastomer cushion, the metal top of the peg doesn’t make any metal-to-metal contact with the bottom section of the peg that is attached to the foot peg mount. This is to provide a very calculated amount of “give” so that harsh hits, trial chatter, and vibration is lessened, but at the same time you don’t feel unstable or disconnected from the bike. On top of that, the pegs are made from 7075 T6 aluminum and are wider than stock pegs.

JGRMX Yamaha Hard Parts Black Kit: $92.95

JGRMX Black Kit
www.jgrmx.comPhoto Courtesy Of JGRMX

JGRMX has been known as a Yamaha parts provider because that is the brand of bike that the JGR team races. And while this Hard Parts Black Kit is for Yamaha YZ250F/YZ450Fs they are making a push to branch out to supply parts to other brands of bikes. As of now they have a hole boat load of Yamaha specific parts and are starting to offer Suzuki parts as well. As for the Black kit, the parts are CNC’d from 7075 aluminum and made in the USA

Alpinestars SX-1 Knee Guards: $119.95

Alpinestars SX-1 Knee Guards
www.alpinestars.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

Knee guards or braces? One might assume that all fast moto guys wear knee braces but that just isn’t the facts. There are plenty of pros, and quite a few of our pro level testers, who prefer knee guards to braces. If you fall into that category as well, check out these new guards from Astars. With only two straps yet large back-of-the-leg contact areas, these are simpler than a lot of the other three strap guards of similar style. There is a dual hinge system that keeps the knee completely wrapped in protection and a patella cup that stays in place as the guards open up when bent. What’s also cool is that they are CE certified to the EN 1621_1: 2012 K type A (Level1). And with three sizes (S/M, L/XL, and 2XL) they can have a much more tailored fit than other, one-size-fits-all guards.

Bullet Proof Designs KTM/Husqvarna Linkage Guard: $89.99

Bullet Proof Designs Linkage Guard
www.bulletproofdesigns.comPhoto By Sean Klinger

We are big fans of linkage guards. One of the first designs to hit the market replaced part of the linkage and while it works great, it can be a little out of some price ranges. The Bullet Proof Designs Linkage Guard is less than a third the cost and is crazy simple to install. You just remove the bottom sock bolt, slide the guard in place and replace the bolt. It even comes in three colors; silver, blue, and orange. Currently they are only available for KTMs and Husqvarnas. With all that being said, we are a little worried that the guard isn’t as streamlined as other guards and the bike might get just as hung up as it would without the guard, just with less damage.