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Powerline Park GNCC Women’s Pro Race Report

At least it wasn’t dusty

In a change of pace from the last several rounds, the 2017 Powerline Park GNCC was muddy, not dusty. Located in St. Clairsville, Ohio, this is the case more often than not. In fact, among the most notorious obstacles here are mudholes: the infamous Powerline mudhole jump as well as Gus’s Mudhole, which is smaller but still treacherous. It rained through the night on Saturday and sprinkled a little bit Sunday morning, adding to the normal levels of mud that riders already face here. Possibly due to the muddy conditions or issues involving the live broadcast of the PM race, the AM race was called after only an hour and half of racing, instead of the usual two hours. Even in a shortened timeframe, the WXC riders excelled, taking home first, second, and fourth in the AM overall.

Powerline Park GNCC

Mackenzie Tricker (828) just barely edges out Becca Sheets (1) for the holeshot at the Powerline Park GNCC. The two of them would continue to battle throughout the first and second laps.

Ken Hill

This time it was Mackenzie Tricker (Bonanza Plumbing KTM) who grabbed the holeshot, followed by Becca Sheets (Fly/Maxxis/Seat Concepts/KTM). Right around the halfway point of the lap, Tricker went down, allowing Sheets to take the lead. Although Tricker crashed again soon after, she was able to stay close to Sheets, with only three seconds separating them at the barrels.

Muddy Becca Sheets

Believe it or not, underneath all of this mud is Becca Sheets. She took the lead “mudway,” sorry, midway through the first lap but lost it again in the second.

Ken Hill

Meanwhile, Brooke Cosner (The Motorcycle Shop/Bell Powersports/Kenda/V3 Offroad/Full Gas Fitness) was struggling to recover from a dead-last start. She said that her day pretty much went downhill from there, and the results show it. She came in well over five minutes behind the top two, which is surprising for a rider who is generally a fan of mud races. Despite maintaining third place in the WXC class and fourth place in the AM overall, Cosner stated that she is “ready to move on, head to Ironman, and wrap this season up.”

Brooke Cosner

Despite a bad start, this (taken early during the first lap) was probably one of Brooke Cosner’s better moments. Although she likes the mud and actually won her first-ever GNCC at Powerline Park several years ago, she seemed to struggle throughout most of the race.

Ken Hill

Toward the end of lap two, Tricker again took the lead from Sheets, who got hung up in one of the many bottlenecks on the second lap. Once Tricker got out front, she rode a solid race, continuing to put time on both riders throughout the second and third laps. This marks her third career win and first win of the season! We are in the final few weeks of the 2017 season, with just one round of the GNCC series remaining. Catch up with the WXC riders again on October 29 at Indiana’s Ironman GNCC.

Mackenie Tricker

Here we see Mackenzie Tricker charging her way to her first win of the season and third career win in the GNCC series. Tricker: “I’ve been working really hard, so it’s nice to finally get a win!”

Ken Hill

The Tayla Report: Like last round, 2017 WXC Champion Tayla Jones again tried her hand in the XC3 Pro-Am 125cc class. Unlike the previous round though, she did not have a good outing. On the second lap of the race, she swapped out and collided with a tree after hitting a slippery root. While not seriously injured, aside from the possibility of some broken ribs, the crash was enough to end her day. At this time it is uncertain if she will compete in the final round in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

2017 Powerline Park GNCC Womens Pro Podium

The 2017 Powerline Park GNCC Women’s Pro podium. From left: Becca Sheets, Mackenzie Tricker, and Brooke Cosner.

Ken Hill

Powerline Park WXC Results

  1. Mackenzie Tricker

  2. Becca Sheets

  3. Brooke Cosner

  4. Emily Raines

WXC Class Point Standings

(with maximum of nine races counting)

  1. Tayla Jones (180)

  2. Becca Sheets (173)

  3. Mackenzie Tricker (166)

  4. Brooke Cosner (140)

  5. Rachel Gutish (100)


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